The Mysterious Bond between Your Home Interior and Plumbing Works

The interior of your home is a mirror of your personality, perception of life, purpose in life, social status, lifestyle, and imaginative flare you have. Creating an interior design is also an expensive task. You might have invested a great deal of time and money to shape the interiors according to your passion for life. You obviously want it to last for an eternity with zero defects, right? I too had similar dreams when I got my home interiors designed.

But my dream world got ripped apart the last monsoon, because of poor plumbing works. Unfortunately, I was on holiday and the house was locked. I found leaking floor, cracked wall, brittle ceiling, overflowing faucets, and messed up interiors. It took weeks for me to detect the root causes. They originated from the cesspool pipes and spread to every corner of the drain and plumbing network.

About My Blog

 My blog is basically about the experience with bad plumbing works ruining the interiors of my home from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom, and kids’ rooms. I will also tell you about how I found the mysterious bond between cesspool, plumbing, and my home interiors. Initially, I used the DIY methods to fix the problems. Sometimes they worked, most of the times they made things worse.

Home Interior and Plumbing Works

Finally, I found an optimum way to repair and restore plumbing and cesspool systems. I will be delighted if you find something useful here. Do let me know about your experiences, comments, and likes. I wrote the blog primarily to share

  • Interesting facts about the foundation, plumbing networks, and cesspool
  • Connectivity between them and home interior
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance for cesspool and plumbing
  • Architecture and layout of plumbing works
  • Design of cesspool network

Estimations and Evaluations

Clogged pipes, drains, and waste line exit can create reverse pressure to flood your home interiors. The other components which may develop leaks could be horizontal projections, soak bed connection, waste-water top, riser top, or the cesspool design. I will take you through a virtual tour of the problems I faced from the lobby to the back yard and show you where and how the plumbing problems may ruin a great interior design.

Corrective Measures

 Corrective measures are for damage repair, control, and restoration to normal conditions. Here, I will show you how I managed to fix the problems with drain and sewer line, cesspool, water-pipes, and the components in the initial stage. I started restoring the interiors in the next stage.  I will tell you about the complex conditions I faced and the solutions I found on search and research.

Preventive Measures

My experience (my best teacher) has taught me valuable lessons on how to take preventive maintenance steps for the water, drain, and sewage lines connecting to the cesspool. Of course, I gave up the DIY methods for plumbing and hired a professional plumber and cesspool specialist. Now, my home is completely free from problems. We have a hygienic environment and a sophisticated interior design which can last for a lifetime.

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