Is External Plumbing a Solution to Protecting Interior Design

 Having a system of internal plumbing pipes could be a potential threat for your expensive interior designs. You will not know how to detect the pipe that is leaking. Then you will not know how to dig the wall and repair the pipe. The leak could be only an extension of the problem. The actual source could be in some other part of the section in another room. Then you have to go on digging all the rooms and destroy the entire interior design.  Think about having an external piping system for the water lines and drains and sewage pipes. That sounded like a good idea for me. I can detect the defects faster and fix them within a short time. I can save on the cost of wall digging, rebuilding, and interior design remaking.

External Pipes

Let me start with the external pipes because we have enough problems with the internal pipes. The first aspect I had to think was about the material. I searched for an online answer and got two of them. One was the CPVC and the other one was galvanized iron. The main problems with the iron material are

  • Internal and external rusting
  • Corrosion
  • Deposits of molds and mildew
  • Failure of pipes due to pressure fluctuations
  • Problems with wall drilling for pipe fixing

Then I started wondering why I am reading a big list of disadvantages with the galvanized iron. My next choice was CPVC (Chlorinated PVC). I found the material to be highly beneficial for

  • Resistance to rusting and corrosion
  • Resistance to heat, humidity and freezing effects
  • Easy to install within and outside the homes
  • Resistant to pressure variations
  • Capable of any flow rate without reverse flow

ABS is the other choice of exterior piping system. I had to take a decision based on the exterior architectural aspects also. It is because the system should not look like patches over the exterior architecture. The other significant parameter I had to consider was the connection of sewer and drain pipes to the cesspool. I was mainly concerned about the

  • The fluid flow rate and pressure
  • Load on the cesspool control valves
  • Maintenance ease and comfort for the drain valves and sewage valves

Internal Pipes

  • No exposure to external elements
  • Long durability
  • Protection from damages
  • Zero maintenance for exposure to UV
  • Looks aesthetically better

Similarly, I had experienced many problems with internal plumbing like

  • Difficulty in detecting the defect roots
  • The complexity of internal pipe designs
  • The enhanced risk to internal designs, etc

The Solution

 Finally, I got a solution to my problem of choosing between the external and internal piping. It came in the form of an efficient cesspool service system. The professional cesspool experts analyzed the entire system of my house architecture plan and suggested the best method. I have not faced a single problem from the day of installation until today in any form.

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