How to Protect Bathroom Interiors from Plumbing Errors

The bathroom is the only space in your home where life slows down its pace. You are perfectly in harmony with your body, mind, and soul. The shower, the tub, the toilet, and the sauna stream calm your spirit and bring a deep sense of inner peace. For this, you will need a sophisticated interior design, which can streamline the fixtures with the water lines, drains, and the waste lines leading to the cesspools. Any misalignment or damage can ruin your bathroom and spoil the hygiene.

Personally, I have had a bad experience with the poor standards of plumbing and cesspool construction methods. The first problem was the terrible odor from the bathroom washbasin. I could hardly stand and have a clean shave or a face-wash. I have also had problems with stinking bathtub, muddy water in the shower, and leaking drain pipes.

Cesspool Vent

The cesspool vent is connected to the exterior side that leads to the drain field. Its task is to remove

  • Sewer Gases
  • Sewer odor
  • Control air and fluid pressure
  • Siphon water from traps
  • Control fluid and air flow rate

Normally the vent stack should be installed parallel to the waste pipe stacks. It is the only way of ensuring proper flow.

Venting Problem

The problem with the cesspool vent in my house was aging. Coupled with other issues like interior rusting, corrosion, and cracks, the vent had clogged. My initial attempt was cleaning and rust removal. It did remove the odor for a few days. But the problem continued after that. So, I had to call a cesspool specialist and replace the vent.

The funny aspect of bathroom plumbing repair is its chain connection. You solve one problem, and the plumber discovers five more. Then you have to get all of them fixed. Otherwise, you may end up with worse problems than ever before. My case was no different.

Cesspool Plug

There are two clean-out plugs within the cesspool tanks. One of them controls the sewage flow and pressure from home.  The second plug controls the flow of scum and sludge to the exterior drain. Improper maintenance can lead to structural instability. The result is abnormal variation in pressure which can push the scum in reverse direction. It can flood the toilet, sinks, and even the bathtub.  Fortunately, cesspool repairer could diagnose the problem immediately. His plan of action involved

  • Emptying of cesspool
  • Cleaning and rust removal
  • Disinfection
  • Replacement of clean-out plus
  • Cleaning of sewage and sludge pipes
  • Installation of disinfection layer within the cesspool interior walls
  • Installation of leak and overflow sensors on the cleanout plugs

It took almost two days for the cesspool expert to complete the action plan. Since then, I haven’t faced any problem with my bathroom interior fixtures and pipes. I can feel only the gentle fragrance of the air-fresheners. I spend my bathroom time listening to music and having a good experience in solitude. I am thankful to the cesspool expert.

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